Android Application Development

Our expert android developers use clean code to develop scalable and interactive android apps. Over the years, we have developed many apps that look beautiful across all android screens.

Why Choose Us?

We have over 10 years of experience in working with diverse client base and advanced technologies that helped us adopt proven methodologies and best practices.

We offer you flexible hiring models to hire dedicated mobile app developers for your project. We provide you with the best solution suitable to your budget.

Our Process

Understanding Requirement

We craft each application starting with a user story. We answer a fundamental question first: who are the users and what are their goals? The goals of the organization almost always get fulfilled by focusing on user needs.

33 -Microscope- (Outline)Created with Sketch. Research & Analysis

Once we know what you want from the application, we research the market for products that are your direct and indirect competition. We need to understand what works and what does not. These insights help us craft the right User Experience with clear differentiators from the competition.


Under this Android app development step, we are works towards understanding your requirements. Based on that, we proceed towards forming the goal of the entire app development process. Once you have indicated your objectives and ideas pertaining to the app being developed.


In the next stage, the wire-framing stage, the developers make a blue print of the structure of your app for your reference. It includes details of the platform, features, feasibility and specifications. This stage makes it easy for you to ensure that the Android app development process is in sync with your requirements.


In the Android app development process, this step begins with the designing of UI (user interface), coding within a stipulated timeframe. If there is a server component involved, the service providers parallely engage necessary resources for improving the development efficiency. Several techniques are also deployed at the code level to usability and marketing for maintaining the quality, a critical factor.

Beta Launch

Make your app available for a beta trial, either through an open solicitation for participants or the enrollment of previously identified groups. Feedback from beta users will help you determine whether or not the app’s functions are operating well in a real-world environment.

Changes / Bug Fixing

The QA team performs regular checks on the application’s functionality by following testing processes throughout the Android app development process. The mobile testing procedure ensures that there are less chances of errors in the app being developed.

Launch & Results

Most mobile apps unlike web apps focus on achieving a small piece of functionality well. It is difficult for the users of the application to decide if their needs are met satisfactorily (or delightfully) till they actually use the app. We observe how users interact with the application and take notes on how well the user needs are being satisfied. This paves way for the next version of the application.

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