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Advanced Menu System

A Menu system that helps you open any file on your system directly from Desktop,
Without even opening explorer/folder explorer. you can view thumbnails of files inside a zipped files,
you can also view/hear video/audio preview directly from this menu system.and many more features... See-Features

AdvancedMenu Coming Soon


A script that you can add to your site to check
what is the rank of your site at Google,
Alexa, and many others.
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Features Requirements About

What the ShieldAPal is:

Most websites that use Paypal to sell digital goods electronically are not very secure. What this software does is let the customers find the final link, but after that it will make sure that they have actually purchased the item, and that the transaction has been completed. Following that, they will be sent the link to the product by email.

Why you should buy the ShieldAPal:

Rather than relying on cheap gimmicks or low tech tricks, this script actually connects to the Paypal server, which is why it makes your sales much more secure. As well, it is incredibly easy to set up, as you just have to change a quick option in your Paypal account, then create a button from your Paypal account, and just fill in some fields in the configuration file! And if you manage to get lost, or want to add extra features, then there's a very comprehensive read me file included!

What's included with the ShieldAPal:

  • A configuration file, so that you can customize the script and set it up easily.
  • Instructions on how to install the script.
  • A license and the email to our support team.
  • The software.

What can the ShieldAPal do?:

  • It makes sure that no one can do something simple like view your source to find out the location to your digital product.
  • It makes sure that they have paid the full amount.
  • It connects with Paypal directly.
  • It works with a single item purchase.
  • It sends an email to the customer that includes an attachment of digital product.
  • You won't need a database or programming knowledge.
  • It automatically notifies you of errors.
  • It has many comments so that you can edit it easily if you know any ASP.
  • It comes with a comprehensive instruction manual.
Requirement for the ShieldAPal:
Features at a glance for ShieldAPAL
  • Protects e-goods from being stolen
  • Protects against price tampering
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Completely web-based
  • 100% customizable
  • Uses PayPal's IPN technology
  • Works with 'Single Item Purchases'
  • Will only allow 'completed' & 'verified' sales
  • Online form to Add/edit/delete your product from shield!
  • Supports multi-currency [Those supported by paypal]
  • Sends e-goods as attachments or URL (global setting)
  • Allow/disallow pending e-checks
  • Use any uploaded file as an attachment for a new product.
  • CDOSYS or CDONTS or jmail or aspmail or aspemail support
  • Simplified testing script  
Requirements for ShieldAPAL
  • Windows Webserver(NT, W2k or Later, IIS)
  • Paypal account
  • a modify[read+write+delete] Permission
  • Html, PayPal & webdesign knowledge
  • 9.3 minutes of your spare time!
  • More..
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License Agreement
You must agree to these terms in order to use our software:
1) You may not distribute the code, this includes altering the code then selling it.
2) You may only use the software once per license that you have purchased,
you may not implement it on more than one website.
3) There are no warranties, and ByteSun shall not be responsible or liable for any Loss or damage by this software.
It is up to you to test the software.
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